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Movie Showcasing for Kids

26th October 2013, 10.00am - 12.30pm

This event aims at providing mental health awareness amongst children,to help them achieve wholesome health. The Movie is showcased to sensitize younger generation in understanding and respecting the needs of older adults, children will also be involved in movie discussion and review writing.

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Scribbles - Express through Art

All working days of March 2013

“Scribbles” aims at providing a personalized secured environment for students and parents to express their exam anxiety and to regain strengths at ease using visual art aids.

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Art therapy retreat

2nd, 9th &16th December, 2012

‘Art therapy retreat’ is personal wellness through Art program conducted by Let’s talk, over three Sundays of December 2012 @ Chennai Apparao Galleries. The retreat was facilitated by Creative Arts Therapist Tia Pleiman.

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Exam preparation and Healthy Interpersonal relationships

27th July, 2012

One day program on “Exam preparation and Healthy Interpersonal relationships” was conducted by Let's talk for Class 10 & 12 Students of Peru Nagar Govt Higher Secondary School, Kanchipuram district. This program was organized by Mr. T. Rathnavelu M.A, BL. Founder, General Secretary Alumni Association, Peru Nagar Govt higher secondary school, Kanchipuram district, Retired Additional Director rural development/ Principal election officer (Panchayat retired).

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Storytelling Training for Adults facilitated by UK based storyteller Craig Jenkins

19th August, 2012

Academicians, kindergarten experts, teachers, professional storytellers and trainers attended this program.

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Storytelling Treat for Children facilitated by UK based Storyteller Craig Jenkins

19th August, 2012

Children aged between 4 and 12 participated and enjoyed the storytelling session on “Traditional Folklore from around the world”


It has been long since I spent time for myself; Art therapy retreat was helpful in rejuvenating my mind and instilling a lot of fresh thoughts into it. I was very satisfied with the arrangements; I would attend further classes if organized. Thank you for the experience.

- Mr. Arockia Rhuban

Recent times I had forgotten to give time for myself, Art therapy retreat has reminded me that! This experience is also helpful to me to work with children.

- Mrs. Shanthi, Psychologist

I am fortunate to have seen Bhuvana grow into a professional arts based therapy expert. She has the rare combination of experience working with trauma survivors and expertise in ABT. Adding cream to this is her ability to be patient and caring with her clients. She has done wonders with women and children in difficult circumstances and moved my dependence on traditional forms of therapy to arts based therapy- a completely non threatening form of intervention, in a conducive environment that opens the door to express with ease- a perfect solution finder and solver.

I began to trust her work when I saw the amazing change I found in two clients she worked with closely, a girl child who was struggling to cope with the loss of her father and a woman burn survivor. She puts them at such ease and works on them without they even feeling they were in a therapy session. You can see them understand, realize and find answers to problems and being 'people' again. We have made great progress in using non traditional interventions with domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors and I would say Bhuvana is a 'gift'.

- Dr.Prasanna Poorna Chandra PhD, CEO, International foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC)

Ms. B.G. Bhuvana has worked as the Kattaikkuttu Sangam's regular visiting counsellor since June 2011. She comes in once a month to conduct both group and individual counselling sessions for our young rural students (7-18 years) and sometimes also for our teachers and night care staff.

The Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam offers underprivileged rural children and young people the opportunity to combine quality education with a professional training as a Kattaikkuttu actor, actress or musician ( Bhuvana was attracted to the work of the Gurukulam because of the combination of (performing) arts and regular education. Using art therapy as an instrument to address social and psychological problems of her young clients she fits in well with the environment of this unique residential theatre school.

Bhuvana is passionate about her work and desires to share her professional skills also with children. The quality of not being afraid of something new – outside the city and outside the middle class milieu – enables Bhuvana to engage in ground-breaking work for young people and young people who under normal circumstances would have no access to a counsellor.

I wish Bhuvana all success with building a flourishing practice in Chennai.

- Dr. Hanne M. de Bruin - Rajagopal, Facilitator Kattaikkuttu Sangam & Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam.

I have attended many sessions on storytelling in Chennai and Bangalore but the session conducted by "Let's talk" is close to my heart. As a businessman, in building material sector I use storytelling as a tool to enlight and entertain those around me. Facilitator Craig was a man with passion for storytelling, I am amazed how 'let's talk' could import such a powerful man of resource all the way to Chennai. The dance, the drama, the participants, the action, the stories heard etc will always be in me till the end of time.

- Mr.Arun Oliver, Proprietor, Doves and Roofing

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