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Individual counselling:

Let's talk provides need based one-to-one counselling which is a mutual endeavour between the counsellor and the individual. Our goal is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for the individual to discuss one's concerns. Parents and family members of children needing counselling will have exclusive individual counselling support based on the requirements and in the best interest of the child.

Group Counselling:

Group counselling is conducted for individuals sharing similar counselling objectives/concerns. Group counselling can be offered at schools, colleges, children and parent centres, workplace, integrated communities etc. Group counselling will benefit children, teenagers, young adults, parents, teachers, secondary/tertiary care takers.

Workshops and training Programs:

Let's talk offers customized short-term workshops and training programs to meet the requirements of parents, teachers, professionals and students working with children and adolescents. Our programs concentrate on child development and parenting. Let's talk has been conducting paid and free programs that are open for public and also at schools/educational institutions, NGOs.

Support group sessions

"You are not alone"

A support group session enables individuals to share and learn out of each other's experience. These support groups exclude the feeling of loneliness to a greater extent. These sessions encourage discussing need of the hour topics with the highest free-will. Support groups for parents and adolescents is free and kept open, anyone interested can write to –

Arts based therapy

Arts Based Therapy is clinical and evidence-based use of art forms to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. Varied art forms like music, visual art, drama, text making, dance and movement are used in combinations based on the individual's interest for a metaphoric journey to heal, enhance and to empower.


Let's talk offers regular storytelling programs and storytelling training

Telling stories to children can be just the first step in an interactive process.  Storytelling and listening helps children visualize the character and images of the story in their own way without any restriction and boundaries. This enhances a child's imagination, creativity, reasoning skills and articulation, enabling them to build high self esteem and confidence. Besides this, listening and taking turns becomes integral part of any storytelling. Characters in the stories bring in values and emotional strength in children, which in turn prepares for real life situations. After all, Storytelling is all about having fun.

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