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"We will help you to help yourself"

Counselling is not advising. It is a process that assists individuals to make desirable changes of their selection/choice. Counselling primarily focuses on enhancing the psychological well-being of an individual, such that the individual is then able to reach their full potential. Through this process Counsellor facilitates individuals to adopt better life practices. Safety and confidentiality is assured in the counsellor- counselee relationship.

Parental counselling:

Is your child unhappy/dissatisfied with you? Are there differences of opinion with your spouse in rearing your children? Are you a single parent? Counselling can help you deal with these issues and much more. Child counselling is incomplete without parental counselling. Who could better know the child than the parents? Most of the time when children are identified with problems, it is the parents who need help. As children's role-model it is the parents who create the environment for their children. It is vital for the parents to get involved in the counselling process and also be willing to bring changes in them for the benefits of the child.

Child Counselling:

Do you notice your child having difficulty in socializing/ making friends or engaging in activities appropriate for his age? Does she use violence to solve problems or lack interest in school and academics? Early intervention is always suggested as seeds of the adult emotional/psychological problems are found even before age of 14 years. It is always better to nip it in the bud. Children do face problems in this highly demanding and challenging world. When it goes beyond the level of parents and care takers management, it is important to take professional help.

Adolescent counselling

Is your teenager aggressive or isolated? Lacks motivation? Obsessed to gaming and internet? Lacks positive coping and inter-personal skills? Adolescence is a transition period where both physical and mental development is rapid. This may vary between boys and girls. They commonly face identity crisis and need guidance in understanding sexual development. This is when there is a high chance of them to be misled and misguided. They might fall prey to peer pressure and faulty ideas out of curiosity. Mentioned details could be generalized and they might look very common, but it is not to be ignored. Its effects on your relationship with your children and their development could become irreversible if left unnoticed and unaddressed.


What is the counselling process?

The general counselling process that is followed is

Will I feel better straight away?

Counselling is not quick fixing the problems. The frequency of counselling depends on the counselling goals and objectives which vary with individuals. It's best to share any concerns with the counsellor.

What are the benefits of counselling?

Benefits of counselling:

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